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About Rallicats Maine Coon Cats

    In 1991, I met my first Maine Coon cat. His name was Andy, and he was the most magnificent cat I had ever seen. He was a patient at Clemson Animal Hospital in Clemson, S.C., where I was an employee/student on my way to veterinary school. After seeing Andy, I decided I had to have my own Maine Coon. As luck would have it, my employer hired a new receptionist that also happened to breed Maine Coon cats. Shortly thereafter, I brought home my own Clemson Tiger named Eliot. Eliot grew up to be a 20 plus pound gentle giant. He was my first breeding cat as well.  He lived out his final years as a resident at my cat hospital in Charlotte, N.C., where I could keep a close eye on him through his geriatric years.

    I fell head over heels in love with this breed! I established my own cattery in 1995 and named it after the Clemson pep squad, the Rally Cats.  I have gone on to show and/or produce 1 National Winner, 5 Regional Winners, 3 of which were top 10 national breed winners too. I have granded many others. I qualified last year for permanent cattery registration status in CFA which means that you have produced at least 10 grands or distinquished merits. More must be grand champions than grand premiers and DM's.  As of May 2012 I have my first home grown National Win in GC, NW Rallicats Double Dutch.  I do not believe in keeping an abundance of cats, so many of my cherished show and breeding cats have been retired and moved on to permanent homes where they are living out their lives as spoiled rotten pets. Of course, I have a few favorites like Eliot that will live with me forever.

    You'll notice that I also have European Burmese. I became intrigued with EB's while running my first regional winning MC.  I was frequently benched next to a breeder who is originally from Sweden and has been instrumental in establishing the breed in the US.  After 7 years of consideration I contacted her and breeders that work with her about getting a female.  A former MC breeder who switched breeds to EB's fulfilled my wish.  Bonnie came to live with me as a kitten in January 2011.  She is now a grand champion and living with one of my employees.  European Burmese are also a sturdy, healthy breed.  They are busy but love to snuggle.  Bonnie use to ride on my shoulder and would have spent hours in my lap if I had the time to stay still that long.  She's also been titled "Ms. Congeniality" in my house and her new home.  All the MC's love her.   The wash and wear short silky coat has been a real joy as far as getting out the door to a show on Friday afternoon after a busy workday.  I've since added a female, Gin Gin, and am showing 2 of her kittens.  Wallace and Windsor.  Wallace and Windsor have earned their grand titles.

    As a feline veterinarian, health and temperament have always been priorities for me. Overcrowding increases a cat's mental and physical stress so I do not just breed my cats for the sake of breeding. I always have a goal in mind and don't let my numbers exceed a level appropriate for the size of my home and my working mom lifestyle.  My cats are screened for HCM, SMA, hip dysplasia, feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus. They are fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, microchipped and started on Revolution parasite control before they can be adopted at 13 to 15 weeks of age.  My EB's are tested for the 3 major genetic diseases that are found in this breed.  Documentation of the above is provided at the time of adoption so that you may pass this information along to your own veterinarian. 

~Nancy T. Moses, DVM


GC, GP, RW (x2) Cooncraft's Hop Scotch of Rallicats.  This is what greets me when I get home from work. 


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