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Missy had 6 kittens by RW CJ Paws Kasper of Aslanspaw
3 of these kittens will be shown and the other 3 will be going to loving
homes with families that have placed a deposit on them.  If you missed
out on this bunch of cuties then don't worry.  Their big sister Cricket is
visiting a male for her first breeding.  Please keep checking back for
announcements on that litter. Pictures update 2/12/14. Kittens 7 weeks old.

Missy with her new kittens at 2 weeks

Proud daddy Kasper at a show.

The First "Noel"
Brown Tabby Female

"Rudolph" the Red Nose Reindeer
Red Tabby Male

"Glory" in the Highest
Brown Patched Tabby Female

"Joy" to the World
Brown Tabby Female

"Holly" Jolly Christmas
Brown Tabby Female

Here comes Santa Claus - aka "Mr. Claws"
Red Tabby Male



My how they've grown in just 5 weeks.


By 4 weeks there's not room at the bar for all 6.

These are full siblings to the Missy/Kasper litter that are now 18 months old.
All of these kittens have turned out to be some of the most intelligent, fun and
entertaining kittens I have ever raised.  If you want a companion that will keep
you laughing and be a true best friend then consider one of these.


GC Rallicats Red Rover of Aslanspaw
aka "Reggie"


"Lucy" sold as a pet but
could definitely show.


GC Rallicats Cricket
aka "Best Friend"



All kittens are kept until they are at least 3 months old. 
All vaccinations, dewormings, microchipping, spay/neuter,
etc. are complete at the time of adoption.  Grooming
instructions, toys, food, healthy guarantee, etc. are
part of the kitten care kit that goes home with each kitten.

Placement is always pending my evaluation as to their show
potential and they are usually 8 to 10 weeks old before I start
separating out who's available and who I will continue to
evaluate. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with
the ones that I make available.  I am generally looking for the
kitten with the strongest one or two traits that need tweaking
in my breeding program, or I need a girl vs a boy for the program, etc.

Please contact me via e-mail if you are interested in a kitten or retired adult.